DIY Wallace and Gromit

CARTOONS ANIMATION PAINTING. Art and Craft Skills series. By Donna McQueen

TEXTILES. By Susan Niner Janes. Watts Pounds 9.99 each

Children love comics and cartoons, and most would enjoy having a go at creating their own characters. In Cartoons and Animation they are provided with a developmental guide to how characters are put together and made to work. As with all the books in this series, a general introduction is followed by lists of materials and where they can be found. Children are introduced to the nature of characterisation - circles and curves describe friendly characters, triangular faces and features can look threatening - and taken through actions, background, atmosphere, storyboards, speech and movement. They are also introduced to three-dimensional animation and given the know-how to make their own version of Wallace and Gromit.

This series is clear and comprehensive, introducing readers to sophisticated ideas through challenging but achievable projects. Textiles introduces a range of fabrics and techniques, including shisha (Indian mirror embroidery), while Painting tackles colour-mixing, water, poster and acrylic painting, wet and dry painting, dripping, pouring and splattering, and textures and mood. This step-by-step approach provides an invaluable language of art linked to a glossary of artists.

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