DK Graphic Readers

DK Graphic Readers: The Curse of the Crocodile God, The Price of Victory, The Terror Trail, Instruments of Death. By Stewart Ross. Illustrated by Inklink. Dorling Kindersley. pound;3.99 each. Eight-plus

Huw Thomas on keeping readers enthused through upper primary

These graphic novels, which are targeted at proficient readers, will also catch the reluctant reader and engage the avid one with settings in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Rome and China. In each, child characters tackle the dangers of the time in a story that takes them through well researched historical situations, such as being sold into slavery or attending the first Olympics.

The tales are littered with historic detail, both in the stories and the notes at the end, which helpfully provide page numbers and navigate the background of the story. There are more facts in straplines at the bottom of each page.

Crucially, though, the information doesn't detract from a well told story.

Each book has a looming sense of danger that gives the series the edge children expect from graphic stories

Huw Thomas is head of Emmaus Primary, Sheffield

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