Do I have to teach on my own doorstep?


I have just finished my first TP and been allocated my second placement school. I have been given the worst school in the area. I stated on my preference form that I didn't want that school because I know a lot of kids and parents there in my other life. I am devastated. The office at college says placements cannot be changed. My only options are to go to the school knowing I will hate it and have a really rough time or leave my course, which would be such a waste after spending so much time and energy on it already. What can I do?


If you go into it thinking you'll hate it, you will. But if you pull this off, think how wonderful you'll feel. It could be the biggest challenge of your life and it could have amazing results. Think positive, man.


Don't give up. You have a valid reason for avoiding this school. You need to reiterate your concerns. Tell the people in your office again - they just might take you seriously, and there's no harm in trying.


Whatever you do, don't give up. I nearly did on my second teaching practice but I finally got through it. And ask your tutors. I'm sure they'll help - they don't want people to drop out.


I don't care how bad the school is - there are people there who can give you all the help you need to get your career launched. Find out who those people are as soon as you can, and make the most of them in the short time that you're there.


I work at the school I used to attend, and I live just five minutes from there. It helps me no end - especially as I was excluded and quite well known in the area. The kids respect my space - they know where I live but I know where they are, too. See it as a challenge. Go on, you know you want to


Universities never listen, do they? I requested to be kept out of a certain LEA for my placement because I've got parents and relatives on the council. So what does the uni do? - sticks me in that very authority.

Go and talk to them. If it can't be changed, then make the best of it - your teaching practice is one hell of a learning opportunity.

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