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Do I lose or gain with PPA?

My school has sufficient funding to trial the planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time that is coming into effect shortly. I get my newly qualified teacher 10 per cent non-contact time. If the other teachers at school have half a day off for planning and preparation, this means that they are effectively working for four and a half days. Does this mean that I should be working for 90 per cent of four and a half days? Am I entitled to a share of this PPA time if the other teachers are getting it? Does PPA time constitute the odd half-hour session first thing in the morning when children are in assembly or hymn practice, or is it a full two hours away from the classroom on a weekly basis?

* From September 2005, maintained schools must give all teachers (including newly qualified teachers) guaranteed time - 10 per cent of normal timetabled teaching time - for lesson planning and preparation. It's up to schools how this is done. All NQTs undergoing statutory induction should only be timetabled to teach for 90 per cent of what other teachers in the school do, so you'll get the equivalent of two half days out of the classroom.

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