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Tips for school sites

Pebworth first school, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Headteacher Mark McLuckie says he's no anorak but still had no trouble setting up his school's website, which includes pupils' own pages featuring their work. you can read Matthew Deeming's story, "The Eight-Legged Devil Squid" and e-mail him an ending for it.

Mark McLuckie's tips * Use a desktop publishing program such as Microsoft Publisher to create yourpages. It offers loads of Web templates which can be altered in countless ways: the wallpaper background on my site (handprints) is from a template.

* Get your pupils involved. Pebworth pupils put together text, graphics and even hyperlinks.

* Remember that your potential audience is the whole world. Make sure that content and presentation are top-drawer standard.

Samantha Pandita How did you do it? Send site details to

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