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Rosegrove nursery school, Burnley, Lancashire. RosegrovNS

This site is proof that it's never too early to go online: nursery schools are successfully joining primary and secondary sites on the World Wide Web. Val Taylor, headteacher at Rosegrove nursery school, had no previous training or experience of Web design before she set up Rosegrove's site with the aid of software such as AolPress (which came free with the school's AOL account) and Frontpage Express. Val considers the best feature of her school's site to be the interactive pages aimed at thre to five-year-olds (for example, the online matching activities based on seaside and Hallowe'en themes).

Val Taylor's tips for the absolute beginner

* Don't expect to be able to do everything at once.

* Start slowly and build a basic site: look at other school sites to help you with HTML coding, adapt this for your site and produce templates (but respect others' copyright).

* Navigation is important: make sure your viewers can easily find their way around.

Samantha Pandita

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