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Do it yourself Tips for school sites

Hugo Meynell primary school, Market Drayton, Shropshire. Tony Poulter, Hugo Meynell's ICT co-ordinator, relied on a knowledgeable parent to help get his school's website upand running.

"I started small, creating a dozen pages, but as my expertise grew so did the site. It now has more than 300 pages and has attracted nearly 13,000 visitors." One feature of the site is the "cyberhunt", which Tony devised to direct pupils to the best sites on particular topics.

"There are many excellent sites, for example, devoted to the popularkey stage 2 topic, ancientEgypt. I give children 10 questions on ancient Egypt. Each question is followedby a link to a first-class site where they can find the answer.

"Children and their teachers can then have a "taster" of a site that could well be worth bookmarking and exploring more deeply.

"As well as increasing the child's knowledge of the subject, the exercise develops important ICT and English skills. Finding informationon a computer screen is not the same as finding it froma book."

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