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Do you think you're Sexey?

Chaplain Sexey's School Bruton, Somerset

Hugh Sexey was a 16th-century gentleman with a strong sense of duty. He left a legacy to provide a hospital and trade school for theSomerset village of Bruton. Sexey's school originally provided 12 local boys with three years of the 3Rs followed by a trade apprenticeship.

Today it has 400 pupils and a sixth-form of 175. Some 300 pupils are boarders, but this is acomprehensive, run by Somerset. Boarders pay fees, but only to cover their lodging expenses.

Sexey's is a high-achieving school, featuring regularly in newspapers' best school lists. Recent notoriety surrounded a calendar produced by a sixth-form business studies group featuring students in poses that caused tabloid editors to blush with outrage. Not a likely interview topic.

The school is looking for achaplain who could also teach some RE and philosophy in the sixth-form. Applicants could live in or not. The school has links with the Diocese of Bath and Wells, which appoints one of the foundationgovernors. The rector of the local parish is also a governor.

The successful candidate will be able to announce themselves as Sexey's chaplain, a conversation opener that should guaranteeattention at diocesan tea parties.

For details, tel: 01749 813393

Phil Revell

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