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Do your filing - in the bin

I was talking to a Kent headteacher the other day about workload. I asked him, has paperwork got lighter or heavier now that everything is electronic? He reckons the Government is now sending more "paperwork" than ever, via email. So, I wondered, what does he do with it all? He was pretty clear. If it's not important or useful for the children, he said, I dump it.

Meaningless red tape is the subject of our feature this month, with tips to help you get rid of that mountain of "stuff" that can fill up your inbox, your pigeon hole and your life, if you let it pile up. It can be hard to find the latest new initiative, let alone read it. Apparently the Government itself has announced its determination to cut down the piles of paper that can get so many good teachers down. According to my headteacher, though, they're still sending it. Read our feature, then go ahead, chuck.

You have the blessing of the DfES, after all.

When you're done with that, you'll be getting ready for the summer rush of reports. Get some ideas on page 11, and get started. Enjoy.


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