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Dodgy is the word

Dodgy is the word that springs to mind when you think about computer dating. Those rumours of flabby middle-aged men passing themselves off as Brad Pitt lookalikes stay in the mind longer than real stories about earnest young couples who "found true love online".

Year of the Artist has managed to put some positive spin on the much-derided concept of computer dating with a scheme it hopes will put schools in touch with some of the UK's emerging atists.

If you plan to run a school project that would benefit from the creative input of a young artist, the Lonely Arts Club is the place to start. All you have to do is log on to the website at www.yearofthe artist.comlonelyartsclub and send details of the project and ideas on whom you would like to collaborate with. For more information or guidance, email: The Lonely Arts Club will be running until May 2001.

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