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Don't be so hard on soft heads

I was flattered that The TES chose to use my words, "duelling with dry tea towels", in its standfirst for an article on proposals for the Single Conversation ("Will heads prove too soft?", TES, February 6).

However, I regret that your correspondent chose to remove the context entirely.

The concern I raised was that the new proposals should in no way emulate the early stages of peer appraisal of headteachers of the early 1990s, in which I took part as a headteacher, and which were indeed lacking in challenge.

I can see very good reasons for involving current or recent heads in the process of the Single Conversation and have every confidence that many of them will do so in an appropriately supportive and challenging way.

As ever, I was merely endeavouring to ensure that we learn from the lessons of the past, lest we repeat them.

Bob Wolfson


Department for Children, Education and Libraries Wiltshire County Council

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