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Don't bother listening to the leaders

So, now we have it official-like. Children have difficulty listening because they're all couch potatoes (TES, November 14).

Makes one humble to hear wisdom like this from our leaders, doesn't it? And there we were, muddling around in our classrooms completely unaware of this, and thinking that all these advisers, inspectors and other classroom refugees were just a waste of space and money.

Now we can look forward to the usual video arriving, to show us how it should be done as we are treated to the sight of an advanced skills teacher (usually with the most dreadful vowels) struggling bravely on with a class of five completely docile children.

I have an idea. As we are trying also to teach citizenship why not combine the two and send us a video of Prime Minister's Question Time, to give our children role models of those at the top of the tree listening and speaking?

This would be doubly helpful since, with a new leader of the Conservative party, the media and politicians are drooling over the new life given to sneering, spite, cheap comments, interruptions and, in general, the whole yah-boo of how this lot carries on.

Let's all pull together on this one and really show the kids how listening should really be done.

Patrick O'Byrne 199 Nutfield Road Merstham Surrey

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