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Don't flog the staff

an update on the Ugandan teacher who was caned in front of pupils after flouting the country's corporal punishment ban.

In case you've forgotten, Lonzio Odora, a teacher at Patongo primary school, was given six of the best back in April after a passing education official spotted him preparing to cane his pupils and opted to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Okot Lapolo, district commissioner for the Pader region, was driving past the school grounds when he saw Odora lining up three naughty pupils outside. He marched over and ordered the teacher to lie down, whereupon pandemonium broke out as pupils raced out of the school to cheer him on.

A sorry tale. But readers will be pleased to know that Odora has finally got a revenge of sorts. Lapolo has been forced to offer a formal apology by the local teachers' union after they threatened to take him to court.

"I became emotional and agitated when I saw Odora breaking the law," he admitted. "I am happy the matter has been put to rest."

Odora will now return to teaching at the school.

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