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Don't get into a froth

For any trainee, stepping out in front of a roomful of pupils and taking charge is a pulse-quickening prospect. Anthea Davey offers advice, and PGCE students and tutors offer more

Sonia Wasiejko, left, keeps writing down ideas for lessons - even when she's in the bath

"I started by observing in a local primary, but from November I'll be in my placement school, starting by observing and building up until I gradually take over. I'm looking forward to interacting with the kids and actually getting up and doing it.

I have loads of fears, though. I'm doing lots of preparation, but organising the materials is daunting and I worry about forgetting to do things such as photocopying worksheets before the lesson.

I'm not worried about the children. I'm just going to try to keep them interested in the topics and make sure I pitch it at the right level. I'm already writing down thoughts I get for lessons - even when I'm in the bath.

The college tutors and teachers in school have been fantastic and I couldn't have asked for more support. You hear nightmare stories, but I couldn't have asked for better."

Sonia, 28, is taking a PGCE in upper primary at Newcastle University

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