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Don't go overboard on begonias

I found Ted Wragg's wry satire on the clumsy Office for Standards in Education farce that regularly parades through the educational institutions of this country to be uproariously funny.

This lunatic behaviour is indeed infectious. I know schools, prior to inspection, to have purchased potted plants to grace the teacher's desk and brand new shag-pile to be laid in the inspectors' office.

These crass decisions to blatantly waste money were taken by seemingly level-headed headteachers. Is this the same syndrome that necessitates the removal of signs denoting a public convenience for a royal visit? This unthinking idiocy is a sign of the weakness displayed by the teaching profession in the face of overbearing authority. Think before you order those begonias.

DAVID CHARLES CORNWELL 25 Railway Terrace Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire

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