Don't leave FE in the edu-ghetto

It is concerning that students are "sleepwalking" into A-levels due to a lack of guidance about other post-16 options. In a recent survey by the City amp; Guilds Centre for Skills Development, we found out that a quarter of 15 to 19-year-olds never receive any careers advice.

More people need to see careers guidance as a profession in its own right. At City amp; Guilds, we have just acquired accreditation for a suite of careers guidance professional qualifications, to help people gain the skills they need to support students. And employers and further education institutions should provide information to schools in their local area about alternative progression routes to employment. City amp; Guilds offers this type of support through our staff volunteering programme. And finally, schools should proactively source support materials and inspirational case studies that help to highlight the opportunities that can be found through more practical learning.

Judith Norrington, Group director of policy, research and regulation, City Guilds.

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