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Interactive Physics (maths mechanics modules) A great program for teaching A-level mechanics which is easy to use and motivating.

Fable Multimedia BETT stand M64 Tel: 0870 701 0012

Power Maths An interactive CD with over 30 activities designed to stretch talented students at key stage 3. Can also be used with an interactive whiteboard.

Nelson Thornes Stand PZ33 (primary), W30 (secondary) Tel: 01242 267280 (primary), 01242 267272 (secondary)

Investigations Four programs on one CD to stimulate problem-solving and thinking skills.

Smile Mathematics Stand SW1 Tel: 020 7598 4811

Contacts BBC Stand F30 Tel: 020 8433 2257

Channel 4 Stand D42 Tel: 08701 246 444 www.channel4.comamazinggrades

Espresso Education Stand B82 Tel: 020 8237 1200

Letts Stand E40F40 Tel: 0161 827 2929

SAM Learning Stand H40 Tel: 0845 1304160

The Skills Factory Stand F76 Tel: 01457 821810

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