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Photoshop Elements 2 A very capable tool with a very low price. Lets you adjust and manipulate photographs, add graphics, draw and paint. You can also use layers to build up complex images. The menu system is so easy to get the hang of and I have even seen excellent primary school work produced with Elements.

Adobe BETT stand W70 Tel: 020 8606 4000

Dreamweaver MX Very successful at demystifying the process of web design. The Macromedia stand at BETT will have demonstrations with pupils working with this easily managed programme.

Macromedia Stand E100 Tel 01344 458600

Revelation Natural Art Good for primary use and certainly a step up from some of the crude offerings available. The pleasingly uncluttered menu offers simple access to the "natural media" tools, which are slick to use. Simple animations are also achievable and a facility for customising the menu helps pupils to concentrate on specific activities.

Widgit Software Stand SN10 Tel: 01223 425558

Contacts Paint Shop Pro 7 and Opus Digital Workshop Stand G32 Tel: 0870 1202186

Epson Stand D120 Tel: 01442 227347

Corel Tel: 0800 581028

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