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Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum 2 A sound card with stunning sound quality and which supports a range of options, including 5:1 surround sound.

Creative Technology

Band-In-A-Box This ingenious program lets users enter chord sequences, rhythmic preferences and musical genres to create song structures that can support class or individual playing, with pitch and tempo changes at the click of a button.

PG Music

Cubase SX Early indications suggest the update of Steinberg's sequencer, which has a faster audio engine, new MIDI functions, offline audio processing and an improved audio editor, is the most powerful yet.


All products can be seen at the BETT show at: Counterpoint (stand Z18) Music Education Consultants (G74) Music Village Educational Supplies (M25)


* 4Learning (D42) www.channel4.comlearning

* Cakewalk

* D2Digital Tel: 01204 366677

* Datasonics

* Dawson's Music Tel: 0870 442 4605

* Ejay Tel: 020 8489 1049

* ESP Music (SW83B) Tel: 0115 944 4140

* Granada (E40, F40)

* Magix Tel: 01923 495496

* Propellerhead Software

* Sibelius (C124)

* Sonic Foundry www.

* Syntrillium Software

* Widgit (SN10) Tel: 01223 425558

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