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Don't slip through the Net

Schools looking for free networking devices may wish to apply for a grant from 3Com, one of the leading suppliers of modems and network interface cards for PCs. The company is offering $1 million of networking products to schools across Europe - "the lion's share of which will come to the UK,'' says sales manager David Huggett.

Kilgraston School in Perthshire has already been selected for a grant to research current events, gain up-to-the-minute information and read foreign newspapers on the Net. Other schools wishing to apply, should complete an application form demonstrating a clear commitment to incorporating the Internet into their teaching.

Winners could receive anything from a few network adapters and hubs, to interface cards, switches and routers to network classrooms and provide a gateway to the Internet.

Submissions can be made in writing to 3Com. Tel: 0118 927 8200 or via the Internet on www.3Com.comnetdayeuropaindex.html

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