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Don't tell the wife

It was nearly rolling-pin time in Graeme Hyslop's household, the principal of Langside College in Glasgow claims Hyslop tells us that since his wife is a principal lecturer in another college and an ardent TES Scotland reader she would immediately have seen in the issue of January 12 that according to a UK survey of FE leaders' salaries he was earning pound;28,000 more than the pound;58,000 he had informed herabout.

To reassure her (and correct us) he explains, with accompanying college financial accounts, that his salary has not changed since his appointment in 1999 and will only rise from pound;58,000 in line with awards to Langside lecturers. He adds: "The information published must relate to the salary of my predecessor."

Talking of Relate, no need to call in its services now, Graeme.

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