Don't understand words of wisdom

THAT Tim Bowler (TES, August 16) gives up time from his career as a writer to advise educationalists is quite generous. However, his somewhat technical metaphors on the writing process remove nothing of the enigma. How do I "master" a "creative skill" whose source is apparently one - but not both - of my brain hemispheres? Brain scientists have suddenly made such tremendous leaps with their difficult research that I am surprised we have not read about this well-tested theory elsewhere. Mr Bowler's advice falls short of helping us devise the right spider diagram, model, or - bless the lad - "whatever is helpful" that will maximise our brains'

output. I am sure he does trust his imagination to guide him, but this does not explain exactly how he writes such good material in his essays within a given period of time.

Neil Richardson 72, Moorside Road, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

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