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Dose of humility needed at EIS

The new EIS president Alan Munro's opinion of himself as a "consensus builder" sits at odds with his supercilious dismissal of those members who disagree with him over the institute's decision to accept the revised teachers' agreement (TESS, 10 June).

His comments are a slur on those hundreds of hard-working EIS reps in schools who have fought might and main to staunch a haemorrhage of membership to the SSTA and NASUWT. Moreover, the comments are insulting to the thousands of EIS members who remain angry, confused and unconvinced by the EIS's abrupt volte-face in the process.

The narrow margin by which the EIS's AGM rejected disapproval of the salaries committee's decisions reveals a considerable split in members' views. Dissent from the leadership line is evidently not a "fringe activity" confined to opportunists pursuing a "political agenda", as Mr Munro implies.

A dose of humility and a little less arrogance would go some way to achieving the unity the EIS needs to defend the profession from Cosla's latest attacks.

Andy Harvey, Minard Road, Glasgow.

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