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Down Under dues

I'm planning on going to New Zealand in January and want to start teaching there in April. I have contacted the relevant bodies regarding registering and having my qualifications checked. The process is going to cost pound;226. I was surprised. Is there a cheaper way of doing this, such as going through an agency and working as a supply teacher. I've heard that work can be difficult to find, so to increase my chances, maybe paying the fee is worth it as I could contact the schools myself?

It is always worth asking agencies to see what they have to offer. If it is a buyers' market, they'll probably expect you to cover registration fees.

Although GTCE fee is only pound;30, overseas teachers who want certification in England have to pay more, so the pound;226 fee may not be exceptional. Try direct contact with schools, but it may limit where you can work and possibly the type of work you're given, even after having paid for the registration yourself.

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