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Class rules

Class rules

What is it?

This is a selection of 16 colourful printable posters to remind pupils of classroom rules and what the teacher expects in terms of behaviour in class. The posters have been designed for primary teachers but secondary teachers have also found them useful.

How can it be used?

The posters can be printed and displayed on noticeboards across the school or within the classroom setting. They can be used at the start of term as a guide for establishing classroom rules.

Classroom ideas

Why not devote one of the first lessons of term to discussing some or all of the posters? Stress to pupils why it is important to lay down ground rules at the start of the year and let them know about any rewards or sanctions for following or breaking the rules. Emphasise the teamwork aspect: for example, using the words "we do this" rather than "you must obey" will make the class feel more involved. You could also ask pupils to design their own colourful classroom posters.

Why is it successful?

The posters are eye-catching and the rules are written in a child-friendly fashion.

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