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Draft in the businessmen

While I congratulate the Training and Development Agency for Schools on its campaign to recruit 40,000 teachers ("Altruists, we need you first", TES, May 5), I think the net needs to be spread further than the "self-interested idealists" being targeted.

By recruiting teachers with business backgrounds, schools can gain skills that are increasingly vital for the education system. Such candidates will be equipped with managerial skills that are much-needed, especially in light of the Government's education Bill and the devolved model it suggests. They will also be perfectly placed to fill staffing gaps, especially as many existing heads are near retirement and not enough people are lining up to fill their shoes.

That is not to suggest that all teachers should be business people first and foremost, as a love of knowledge and students is always going to be essential. But it is clear that changes need to be made and more of a balance struck. Perhaps enticing those with business experience into teaching could be the way to do it.

John Dunn

DirectorSelect Education

Laporte Way


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