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Drama - Competition staged

National Drama, the UK professional association for drama teachers, has teamed up with publishing company Random House and Scottish author Theresa Breslin to launch a drama competition for schools.

The prize for the winning entry for Page to Stage is pound;1,000 worth of books for the school and a visit from Ms Breslin.

A spokeswoman for National Drama said: "We are challenging drama groups to adapt a scene from a new novel, Prisoner of the Inquisition, by Theresa Breslin."

Individual secondary pupils may enter, but the film clip must be submitted by a member of staff, who should sign the entry form. Students should video their scene and submit it to the Page to Stage YouTube channel or send in a DVD.

The stimulus pack contains information about choice of scenes to be adapted from the book, historical notes and character summaries, a message from Ms Breslin, and the competition entry form.

The first 80 schools to enter can claim a free book and stimulus pack.


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