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Drama - Horrors of the Holocaust

An award-winning play about survivors of the Holocaust was performed at the Scottish Parliament last Tuesday. Now the actors in And Then They Came For Me - Remembering the World of Anne Frank are keen to perform in other Scottish schools.

The Blue Sky Network company has taken the multi-media production, which uses actors and video footage to tell the story of Auschwitz survivor Eva Schloss and her step-sister Anne Frank, into two Edinburgh schools. The play, by American playwright James Still, is based on Mrs Schloss's auto- biography, Eva's Story, published in 1988.

Mrs Schloss, 79, a writer and grandmother who lives in London, said: "Unfortunately, many young people do not know very much about what happened in the last century, how hatred and prejudice prevailed and prevented people from resisting evil. Through knowledge of what happened then, we are trying to prevent a repetition of such horrors."

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