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Dream deal turns sour


Budget rising 9 per cent from pound;105 million to pound;114.5m with continuing cuts of around pound;1.4m that will hit schools' own budgets and fringe areas. "We are continuing to manage deficits but across the board it's not as hard-hitting as before," Charles Muir, assistant director of education, says. Still a feeling the city is treated less fairly because it is regarded as affluent, although it has many pockets of deprivation. Problem for department in managing chunks of Scottish Executive cash that come in throughout the year - anything from repairs and maintenance to modern languages.


Budget for education and recreation up 14.1 per cent from pound;140.3m to pound;160.1m. Despite overall cuts of pound;6.8m, only pound;312,000 is coming out of education in increases in school meal charges. Modest growth of pound;682,000. Millions have been stripped from education in previous years but there are no significant cuts to school budgets. "We are very pleased at that," Hamish Vernal, education director, says.

Angus Budget rising by 6.3 per cent from pound;56.8m to pound;60.4m but cuts of 1.5 per cent or pound;859,000. "It's a mixed position," says Jim Anderson, education director. Accountants are still grappling with details of the McCrone package.

Argyll and Bute

Budget up by 8.9 per cent from pound;59.6m to pound;64.9m but the council is short of around pound;2.3m over three years for McCrone support package. Council still complains of unfair treatment.


Budget rising by 6 per cent from pound;35m to pound;37m, but Dave Jones, director of services to people, says: "Comparing like with like, the real rise is only 2.6 per cent." Education and related services will take pound;1m in cuts, offsetting pound;500,000 shortfall in McCrone funding.

Dumfries and Galloway

Budget rising by 9.9 per cent from pound;91.6m to pound;100.7m with cuts of pound;540,000.


Budget rising by 13.8 per cent from pound;71m to pound;80.8m but cuts of pound;1.6m - pound;1m has been removed from McCrone funding for support staff and CPD. Underfunding blamed.

East Ayrshire Budget rising from pound;69.8m to pound;75.9m, an 8.7 per cent rise. "Efficiency gains" of pound;800,000 to come out during the year. "It's a growth budget," John Mulgrew, education director, says.

East Lothian Education and community services budget up by 11.2 per cent from pound;50.2m to pound;55.8m. No real cuts.

East Renfrewshire Budget rising by 9.2 per cent from pound;58.8m to pound;64.2m and no cuts to school budgets, inflation built in and no redundancies. Phasing in McCrone support.

Edinburgh Budget up 7.7 per cent from pound;193.3m to pound;208.1m. Excellence Fund cash will help offset 2 per cent or pound;1.2m cuts. Schools own budgets only hit by 0.6 per cent. "No complaints from heads or school boards," Colin Dalrymple, depute director of education, says. "Some stability after what seemed to be endless rounds of cuts." Concerned about McCrone money for support staff and professional development.

Falkirk Budget rising by 6.1 per cent from pound;93.7m to pound;99.4m. No cuts.

Fife Budget up from pound;216.1m to pound;236m, a 9.2 per cent increase. Includes pre-five grant. Growth in special needs auxiliaries, speech and language therapists, IT support and extending DSM to primaries. Plus pound;3.5m extra for school buildings. But pound;1.2m savings, eased by falling rolls. "Not too bad at all," Alex McKay, education director, says. Still around pound;1 million short for full McCrone deal.

Glasgow Budget rising 8.6 per cent from pound;349m to pound;379m but 2 per cent savings of pound;6.4m, largely affecting staffing formula in secondaries - review of management time. Drop in pupil rolls has helped. The city remains "deeply disappointed" with its overall allocation from the Executive. Still doing sums on support staff under McCrone.

Highland Budget rising by 12.5 per cent from pound;127.7m to pound;143.6m but with a pound;3.5m funding gap that "we are closing", according to Jim Stevenson, head of resources. Unlikely to cut schools' budgets this year. Still short for special educational needs, transport and McCrone. "We can fund teachers' pay but we're struggling to fund other aspects," Mr Stevenson says.

Inverclyde Budget rising by 8.4 per cent from pound;49.8m to pound;54m, half of the increase on pre-school grant. No direct cuts but still pressures on special educational needs and transport. Council complains it does not receive fair funding.

North Ayrshire Budget rising 7.7 per cent from pound;104.3m to pound;112.3 (includes arts and libraries). "There are no savings required and there is a small amount of growth," John Travers, education director, says. Rise includes pound;2.5m for teachers' pay and pound;0.5m for support staff under McCrone. Some growth in special education and inclusion.

Orkney The base budget for education will rise by 5.7 per cent from pound;17.5m to pound;18.5m. Some pound;500,000 of this is a straight rise; the remainder is accounted for by the inclusion of the special pre-school grant into mainstream budgets and extra Executive cash for the teachers'

settlement. The authority says it has only been able to find money for the non-pay aspects of the deal by carrying forward pound;150,000.

Renfrewshire Budget up 8.3 per cent from pound;132m to pound;143m with growth in several areas, such as pound;232,000 to raise boys' achievement, and no cuts.

Scottish Borders Face-saving measures to extract the council from the crisis over its education budget were made possible by extra money from the Executive to cover a shortfall in fire service pensions. This restored pound;361,000 to council coffers which, along with reductions in "growth items", meant fewer savings needed. Additional spending of pound;4.7m on education is balanced by savings of pound;2.2m, which will establish an education budget of pound;74.4m compared with pound;68.4m this year. The main job losses will be in continuing and outdoor education which will see up to 24 posts go (40 were envisaged from continuing education alone), and only four or five out of 18 advisory posts. The 40-strong curriculum support force of visiting primary teachers will remain.

Shetland Budget to be finalised but likely to rise by 4.3 per cent from pound;25.6m to pound;26.7m. Savings of pound;6m across the council and education is being asked to find pound;600,000 - already removed from the new target. Still short on McCrone.

Stirling Increase on schools and children's services is 11.8 per cent, from pound;52.6m to pound;58.8m. The council's contribution to the costs of the teachers' settlement will fall from pound;2.8m to pound;1.8m. A spokesman says the authority was coping with the consequences and had been able to put together "a nicely tight budget".

West Dunbartonshire Budget rising by 14.7 per cent from pound;57m to pound;65.4m. No cuts. Growth in youth development, special educational needs and auxiliaries.

Western Isles Budget of pound;25m is "broadly similar" to this year's once the figures are adjusted for changes such as the inclusion of pre-school monies. The council has ring-fenced school spending.

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