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Dreaming of beans with chips

PUB grub may have moved on from the days of the tired ham roll under a perspex cover, but when pupils were asked to design a children's menu for their local their tastes proved very traditional.

Not for them the cous cous and polenta that hospital patients will be forced to eat, thanks to Loyd Grossman's National Health Service menu makeover.

Bolton kids want chips with everything. And when they can't have chips, they want beans.

The five and six-year-old pupils at Mytham county primary were drafted in when Reece Clarke, the landlord of the nearby Jolly Carter, was unsure what culinary delights to offer his younger clientele. Coincidentally, the chidren had just been looking at menus in the literacy hour.

A survey of the 28 established their favourite foods and the list was whittled down to six.

Year 1 teacher Julie Lawrence said: "We came to a compromise after we studied healthy eating. One child's dish consisted of fish fingers, sausage and chicken so we explored the notion of a balanced diet."

The end result was Planet pizza, chips and beans; Big Mouth Burger, chips and beans; bangers, mash and carrots; chicken nuggets, chips and carrots; Mash mountain and fishfingers and - unexpectedly - macaroni cheese. Family-friendly licensee Mr Clarke said the dishes were going down a treat.

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