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Drubbing from Bell's boys

Inspectors, it seems, will never be satisfied. The Learning and Skills Council had some great news from pollsters NOP, who carried out this year's soon-to-be-published customer satisfaction survey (what you and I think of FE and, hence, LSC performance).

"Great results, great satisfaction levels," said NOP Man at a private gathering to unveil the data. "The sort of results Tesco would die for."

This was good news after last year's drubbing from Ben Page, director of MORI, who questioned the methodology and interpretation of the results.

Care had been taken not to allow repeat criticisms this year.

Ofsted Man was also moved - to the point of extreme cynicism. "Are you sure you are asking the right questions?" he snarled. "Have you analysed every single aspect for satisfaction?"

The fact that colleges and training groups dealing with low-status people were getting high-level results seems lost on him.

However, there is a silver lining to the cloud. Next time your institution gets a drubbing from David Bell's boys, you know exactly what to say in reply.

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