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Drugs that make us conform

I agree wholeheartedly with the concerns expressed by Mark Edwards. I am a special needs co-ordinator but would never advise parents to use medication to treat behavioural or personality differences.

I have seen at first hand the effects of Risperidone. My 85-year-old mother is in a residential care home because of her behavioural differences. She recently led her fellow inmates in an escape bid. I took this to be a sign of an upturn in her mental health. Unfortunately her carers did not share this view.

When I visited the home the following weekend, the escape committee were all comatose in the "rest room" having been given doses of Risperidone to calm them.

Society's obsession with conformity runs from cradle to grave, Mr Edwards.

Please step up your campaign, as I'm approaching retirement.

Mrs Pat Guy

19 Waterloo Road


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