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On dry days the head saves the planet;Jotter

The headteacher of a two-teacher primary in Caithness is obviously something of a polymath, judging by the mailshots addressed to her school.

When not delivering the nuts and bolts of the 5-14 programme, she is "teacher in charge of wet playtimes" and "teacher in charge of rainy days". Presumably she has these skills on tap.

At other times, she is "teacher in charge of Christmas fun" or the more mundane co-ordinator of "music", "science", "IT", "RE", "PE" and "maths". She is also "bursar", "secretary", "buying manager", "print and repro manager", "copyright officer" and "librarian".

When she has a spare moment, she is "language co-ordinator", "the geographyhistory post holder" and "head of special needs" or "deputy head".

The responsibilities of a primary heidie are indeed onerous. But to be "teacher in charge of saving the planet" is surely worth a responsibility payment.

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