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Spice up your PowerPoints

Do PowerPoint presentations captivate your class? Or do pupils fall into a gentle slumber? TES ICT adviser Jan Webb suggests some inspiring resources to put the pizzazz back into PowerPoint.

Master Slides

Regular TES contributor james_abela has shared his Master Slides guide, with a lesson plan and a presentation.

What is it?

Master Slides analyses a number of different presentation styles. Is it best to have a side image or vertical lines? A dark image or a faded background? This is a fantastic refresher to prevent dull presentations. The lesson ends with an awards ceremony for the best PowerPoints.

Interactive book

Another creative use of PowerPoint is Digital Schoolhouse's interactive book.

What is it?

An alternative way to use the program is for students to write a point and question on each slide followed by two buttons - these can simply be labelled "yes" and "no". Each button leads to a slide that reveals the consequence of the chosen response.

The final product can then be used for a small group quiz or whole-class revision plenary.

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