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Glass in the classroom

DesignIT! Glass brings glass manufacturing into the classroom with an exciting industry-led project.

What is it?

A DT project that aims to familarise students with the glass industry. Students will:

- research and design glass products;

- investigate manufacturing processes;

- research the sustainability of glass.

Students can record their progress in a workbook in the format of computer-aided designs, photographs and Word documents.

The programme is free to schools and includes learning resources and existing materials from the industry.

Who is it for?

Projects have been tailored to the curriculum for Year 9, GCSE, A level and for diplomas in construction and the built environment, and manufacturing and product design.

What else?

Schools can compete to win prizes for the best glass designs. The deadline for entries is 30 March. A twinning scheme is also available, linking schools to local employers and industry specialists.

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