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At the Dubble

Does your class deserve a treat? Dubble, maker of the fair-trade chocolate bar backed by Comic Relief, is offering a box of Dubble bars for a class nominated by a Friday reader every week this term.

To tell us why your kids deserve them, email friday@tes., marking your message Dubble offer.

Helen Graham is a supply teacher who has nothing but praise for Primary 62 at Viewlands primary in Perth. Their regular class teacher has been on long-term sick leave since September, and with permanent cover difficult to come by in the area, the children have endured a succession of supply teachers, sometimes as many as four in a single week.

But Ms Graham, a retired head who has been supply teaching since September last year, has brought some stability back to their school life, teaching the class three days a week since January, even though, she says, she was apprehensive about taking the job because of all the turmoil the class had gone through. She needn't have worried, though - throughout it all the children have remained charming, well behaved, adaptable and hard-working.

"They are wonderful - almost perfect," she says , and deserve a chocolatey Dubble treat for their "willingness, enthusiasm and happy little faces".

They make her job a delight. "I love you Primary 62." Find out how to become a Dubble Agent, and learn about fair trade on

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