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Dubble bubble

Does your class make you laugh, rather than cry? Do they struggle and work as hard as they can? Do they want to be helpful and think of others? Dubble chocolate - makers of the fair-trade chunky bar - reward the best with a bumper box of chocolate treats.

English teacher Kirsty Taylor has won this week's box for her form 8A1.

They are, she says, "a super group who are always a pleasure to teach".

Ms Taylor returned to Penrice community college in St Austell, Cornwall, in March, back from her second maternity leave. As head of Year 8, she has a big job on her hands. She admits she often wonders, "Why am I doing this", when she's chasing round school dealing with problems rather than teaching - and when she could be at home with her baby daughter. But then 8A1 always cheer her up. "They are enthusiastic, hard-working and prove that teaching secondary can be an absolute pleasure. They bring a ray of light into my day and deserve a treat for being such a super class."

Email: Information on fair trade for Dubble Agents at: 'Friday' magazine returns on May 2

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