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Duffy's long due

Carole Ann Duffy becoming poet laureate of the UK may not be met with the same noisy cheers around the world as when Obama became president of the United States, but for this female English teacher, the emotion was the same. Voices previously belittled, have achieved equal status. An African American finally represents his nation and a woman finally represents her art.

Carol Ann Duffy accepted her achievement not just as a tribute to women poets, but also to three teachers who had faith in her. Immortalised in her poem "Mrs Tilscher's Class", the eponymous heroine typed up her poems: "There was something magical about seeing them being turned from childish handwriting into something printed on the page." May Duffy's 10-year reign continue to inspire the nascent poetic talents of the realm.

Julie Lamin, Secondary English consultant, Wirral.

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