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Dying head writes pupils a poignant goodbye letter

Primary head Sue East thanks children for sharing their joy and says that she felt 'very peaceful'

Mrs Sue East, who was headteacher at St Andrew's Church School, Bath

Primary head Sue East thanks children for sharing their joy and says that she felt 'very peaceful'

A touching letter from a dying headteacher to her pupils thanks them for “sharing their joy and friendship”.

Sue East, headteacher of St Andrew’s Church School, Bath, told children in a letter published on the school’s website that she felt “very peaceful” and believed she was going to die soon.

The letter continues: “I have loved my time at St Andrew’s. It is an amazing school and you are all amazing children. I never thought that I could find so much joy in my work. Thank you all for sharing your joy and friendship with me.

“Now it will soon be time for me to move on to new adventures.”

'Fairy dust is to be found in every situation'

The letter includes a passage from the CS Lewis’ The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, in which Reepicheep the mouse leaves the friends he has been travelling with to go into Aslan’s country alone.

Mrs East suggests that children may like to draw a picture of the scene.

And she concludes her letter by saying goodbye and adding: “Never forget there is fairy dust to be found in every situation, no matter how difficult.”

In a separate letter to parents, school governors Louise Leach and Pete Rogers say that Mrs East wanted them to know that she was deeply at peace with the situation, and was in positive spirits. They say teachers at the primary had discussed Mrs East’s letter to the children with the pupils.

Mrs East died on 19 December at Dorothy House Hospice. Her funeral will be held at Bath Abbey next week.

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