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e-business and e-learning

With terms like e-business and e-learning you'd be forgiven for thinking that anything preceded by an "e" is happening online, or in a rave.

However, Prof Steve Molyneux of the Learning Lab is advising on the "e-learning strands" of the UK's first e-festival. And no, it's not happening just online or in a nightclub but in a park in the Midlands.

There's camping and free car-parking for all at the event, eFestival, in Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, July 30-August 1.

Aimed at "bringing the fun and enthusiasm back into computing", it intends helping families and small businesses get more out of computers, "a festival of technology and its creative application", according to one of the organisers who would like it to become "a Glastonbury for geeks". And there will be live entertainment at the weekend event.

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