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My Very First Mother Goose: Pussy-Cat Pussy-Cat and Other Rhymes

Selected by Iona Opie Illustrated by Rosemary Wells Walker pound;3.50 One of four board-book selections from last year's excellent Very First Mother Goose. All enticing, but an Appalachian "Hey diddle, diddle" inches this one ahead. Geraldine Brennan Nila's Little Blue Book of Nursery Rhymes By Nila Aye Ragged Bears pound;3.50 Betty Blue who lost her shoe kicks off this pocket-sized collection, buzzing with funky Fifties-style typography and witty, instructive asides. There's also Little Red (starring the Queen of Hearts' tarts), Yellow and Green Books. Geraldine Brennan Tea in the Sugar Bowl, Potato in my Shoe By Michael RosenIllustrated by Quentin Blake Walker pound;9.99 Like Earl Grey with lemon, Rosen and Blake make a quality act and a winning combination. Morag Styles (TES, October 31)

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