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Early years

LAYING THE FOUNDATIONS IN THE EARLY YEARS. Edited Max de Boo. Association for Science Education. pound;15 (members pound;13.50) Tel: 01707 283000.

This short book is recommended for its genuineness and bravery. Almost every page has sketches or photographs of children aged three to six, along with the strangely inconsequential comments they so often make. There is no attempt to force them into a mould of correct knowledge. Science follows naturally fromquestions and observations. Max de Boo is explicit that teaching to tests for the purpose of improving the school position in league tables is not good, and that the children's emotions deserve a central place in their education.

John Siraj-Blatchford's excellent chapter makes similar points and the book is full of valuable teaching suggestions.

JOAN SOLOMON Joan Solomon is professor of science education at the Open University

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