Early years

BILLY NO BUZZ. By Niki Davies. pound;9.95 with CD. MISTER SKELLYBONES. By Douglas Wootton. pound;9.95 with CD. OCARINA CHOO-CHOO. By Alison Hedger. Books 1 and 2 pound;6.95 each with CD. Chester Music, co Music Sales Ltd, Newmarket Road, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3YB.Tel: 01284 702600.

E-mail: music@musicsales.co.ukwww.musicsales.com

Billy No Buzz is a musical for early years and key stage 1 children. It is a pleasant morality play, based on the life of a bee.

From tearful waltz to upbeat finale, it successfully conveys the message that even if you cannot buzz you can contribute to the sweetness of life.

Mister Skellybones is a musicl for children at key stage 1. It comprises seven numbers in spooky-humorous mode that develop awareness of bodies and how they fit together.

Fingers, tummies, hearts and brains combine with rattling bones to make an enjoyable song and dance from elementary anatomy and physiology.

Ocarina Choo-Choo is suitable for small children but would also make an effective introduction to this instrument for older learners.

Starting by personalising the letter names of notes, it moves smoothly via folk-songs and nursery rhymes to a point at which the young player can manage the scale of D with an extra C natural.


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