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Early years funding hit in Shetland

Cuts of Pounds 1 million in Shetland's education budget between 1993 and 1995 hit spending per pupil in the pre-school and primary sectors, figures field with the Accounts Commission have revealed.

Spending on each pre-school place was cut by Pounds 617, down from Pounds 2,943 to Pounds 2,326, while the cost per primary pupil was cut by Pounds 99, down from Pounds 2,461 to Pounds 2,362. Repair and maintenance costs per square metre of floor were cut from Pounds 22.41 to Pounds 20.25.

In the secondary sector, costs rose per pupil from Pounds 3,784 to Pounds 3,894 because of a fall in the number of pupils from 1,768 to 1,681.

A spending breakdown on each primary pupil shows Pounds 2,032 was spent on teachers, Pounds 163 on school-based support staff, Pounds 127 on educational support services and Pounds 40 on central administration.

In secondaries, teaching staff cost Pounds 3,308 per pupil and Pounds 292 was spent on support staff, Pounds 240 on educational support services and Pounds 54 on central administration.

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