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Easter events


Highlight of the Easter programme at National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London SE10, is the arrival of Endeavour, the full-size working replica of Cook's ship. Related children's events include old sea dog Joe Brown telling tales of Cook's discoveries in the South Seas; workshops about life on board ship and on navigation, chart-making and exploration. Plus activities for children aged six and under with the Crowsnest Club and regular planetarium shows. Details: 0181 858 4422 or 0181 312 6565 (24-hour information line).

MARCH 28-APRIL 6 FIND THE EASTER BONNETS. Children aged seven to 14 are invited to follow the Easter Bonnet trail in the Imperial War Museum's Forties Fashion and the New Look exhibition and win a mini Easter egg. There is also a Pounds 50 prize for the best Easter bonnet design. Hats on display include: home-made examples improvised from patchwork, felt scraps and carpet underlay and others decorated with feathers, fruit, veils and bows. Free activity sheets available. Details: 0171 416 5310.

MARCH 28-APRIL 9 SPOTLIGHT ON SCIENCE. The London Science Museum's programme of talks, workshops and dramatisations includes: "Visions of things to come" (a journey through the 20th century with H G Wells); "travel through time" workshops in which visitors will help make a time machine; a "ghostly delights" extravaganza about the latest developments in illusions incorporating photography, cinema, video and computer imagery; plastic people game show; and storytelling sessions on "Dancing with the stars, hiding from the moon". Details: 0171 938 8008.

APRIL 2 JOHN HEGLEY AND THE POPTICIANS. Hilarious entertainment at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London SE1, 2-3pm. John Hegley will recite absurd poems about dogs, martians and spectacles, perform tall stories about the man who thought his television was a dog and "Alice looking through the glasses", and sing songs to the accompaniment of the Popticians. Tickets: Pounds 6 adults, Pounds 3 children from 0171 960 4242.

APRIL 2-10 CHILDREN'S WORKSHOPS. Children aged seven upwards can make Victorian Easter bonnets, Easter eggs, and sweets in free workshops at the Ragged School Museum, 46-50 Copperfield Road, London E3. There is also storytelling in the Victorian classroom and treasure hunts. Tickets handed out one hour before workshops start. Details: 0181 983 1452.

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