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Easter school: How we did it

TWENTY-three pupils attended the Easter school at Mayfield primary, a two-form entry school with a total of 396 pupils.

The school ran from 10am until 2pm on Tuesday, with sessions on English, maths and science as well as lunch and an opportunity to play outside.

Pupils were split into three groups of about eight and rotated between subjects. In English they tackled poetry as well as other language work on metaphor, alliteration and onomatopoeia.

Science work included a session with the interactive whiteboard in which areas of weakness identified by pupils themselves were tackled. Such problem areas included work on the food chain and uses of materials. There was also a crossword on plant life and games that focused on mixing materials.

In maths, pupils looked at how to interpret graphs by reading information from the axes and compared information from a range of charts.

Even at lunchtime, children were busy helping to plant rose bushes in the school grounds.

In the 2002 key stage 2 tests, 76 per cent of the school's pupils attained level 4 in English; 89 per cent in maths; and 92 per cent in science.

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