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Easter treat

Bars of chocolate seem sweeter when they come in a bumper box, free. The Dubble bars of free-trade chocolate are a popular giveaway from our teacher readers to the classes they nominate - classes who make them laugh, work hard and have fun, and remind you why you came into teaching.

Jane Leo wins the box for her Year 4 class at Christ the King RC primary school in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire, to celebrate their good behaviour. Two supply teachers have also told her they're a "delightful class". Jane, who started at the school on supply last year, admits they weren't easy. But she's stayed with these eight and nine year olds and become their full-time teacher.

"We've worked hard on their co-operative working skills, especially in mixed-ability groups and pairs." She's discussed "thoughtfulness" with them, and how to behave with new teachers. "For the first time ever they got through a day with a supply teacher without any names on the 'unhappy faces' list, but with glowing comments." Jane thought it might be a one-off until another supply teacher said the same.

Email: Information on fair trade for Dubble Agents at 'Friday' magazine returns next week.

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