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Easter treats

A bumper box of Dubble fair-trade chocolate bars is a great way to reward your class. We're continuing the Friday magazine term-time treat throughout Easter, so keep your entries coming. This week's winners are the students in Gill Buckeridge's pupil referral unit in Shropshire. She says they tend to become anxious and snappy when routines are disrupted - "or indeed when a butterfly flaps its wings in the rainforest" - so were dreading the disruption of developers getting nearby brownfield land ready for a new housing estate. There was a "little light sexual harassment from our older girls", she says, "but we were able to benefit from site visits, vocational advice and skills study. So I think we all deserve a treat to share with the workers". Tell us why your class deserves a big box of Dubble bars - the best answer wins. Email: Information on fair trade at Friday magazine returns on April 23.

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