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Easter treats

A bumper box of Dubble fair-trade chocolate bars is a great way to reward your class. We're continuing the Friday magazine term-time treat throughout the Easter holiday - chocolate being a seasonal theme - so please keep your entries coming. This week Mary Cooch, who teaches languages at Our Lady's Catholic high school in Fulwood, near Preston, Lancashire, wins the chunky bars for 9M3. They're a third set in Year 9, mostly boys, "forced to do three hours of French a week", whom Mary took on last September with some trepidation. But she was determined to show them just how much they did know and how interested she was in them. "And how did they respond!" she says. "Proof that a positive and caring attitude reaps rewards.

"Ok, I'm exhausted. Every lesson is a game, every test a quiz, every answer gets a prize, every pupil is 'my favourite', every 'good' is a 'fantastic'." Her strategy has worked so well that some pupils have opted to take French next year. Winning the Dubble bars will, she says, show how pleased she is with their progress and might save her money on prizes, "at least for one week!"

Tell us why your class deserves a box of Dubble bars - the most convincing answer wins. Email: For information on fair trade go to Friday magazine returns on April 23.

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