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Easy writer

It is a book unlikely to trouble the bestseller list. In fact Recruiting principals and other senior postholders may be of most interest to chronic insomniacs. But around this thin pamphlet a bitter row is brewing.

Early editions published by the Association of Colleges bore the name of Peter Daley, its old leadership services chief, but when he moved to the AoC's commercial rival, Tribal GWT, a new edition miraculously appeared, virtually identical except Mr Daley's name had been replaced by his successor Des O'Hare. Mr Daley reckons he could take the matter to the courts while Mr O'Hare claims his name on the front doesn't imply he wrote it but "is a standard practice indicating that I am the relevant department head".

The Diary is confused: if Dickens was just the head of department, who wrote the books?

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